Government Clients

We bring you over 25 years of experience both inside and outside the US government obtaining high quality opinion data from around the world in challenging environments. 

A fundamental requirement for overcoming or resolving formidable challenges is to identify them in advance. 

Our proven ability to implement survey research in some of the most challenging environments and countries across the world has broad potential applications for government use, both military and non-military.  In our past projects we have successfully worked to:

–       Assess national attitudes towards ideologies, situations, countries, and individuals;

–       Evaluate and monitor USG backed policies and programs;

–       Identify gaps in healthcare, human rights, and political practices;

–       Quantify and qualify support for terrorist groups and activity;

–       Determine individual and societal points of influence in attitude development.

By delivering and analyzing this information, we enable military and non-military clients to better understand how to build and implement compelling policies and programs, develop communications strategies, and advance effective missions in diverse regions. 

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