Strategic Insight

 In an emerging country, the last thing you want are surprises… 

Pechter Polls gives you answers to specific strategic questions in sensitive situations and environments in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Latin America.
Example include due diligence questions to understand—
    • Deal challenges and key negotiation points
    • Unforeseen issues (core business / legal / market)
    • Points requiring further analysis
    • True value

The specific strategic information needed to facilitate negotiations and to close the best transaction possible (with as few surprises as possible…)

    When you are entering a new market and executing a key strategic plan, its imperative to:

    • Gain insights for strategy development for long term revenue growth and market penetration
    • Gain trustworthy, time sensitive, actionable information to achieve your objectives
    • Understand economic climate and its impact on your acquisition, market and negotiations
Strategic decision making at the highest levels of governments and business requires robust, time sensitive and insightful information. The emerging countries of Africa, the Middle East,  South Asia and Latin America offer unparalleled opportunities for government and corporate clients but also tremendous risks.
Our mission is to provide our clients with the ability to evaluate and seize these opportunities through key stakeholder knowledge. 
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