Syria has ‘chosen the path of war’, says U.N. (+video)

With the conflict in Syria escalating on a daily basis, we see a country slipping into the abyss of complete civil war. Where ever you are sitting when you read this, know that even if you are not in Syria, the conflict has wider implications than the human rights abuses and death we’ll experience via CNN breaking news bulletins. Whoever prevails in Syria will have an impact on the broader geographic theatre – especially as Iran and militant groups uses this instability to gain closer ties with different factions inside of Syria. This is not just a civil war, terrible as it will become for the families of Syria – there is more to follow…. What is your view?

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Without a peace to monitor, U.N. peacekeepers will leave Syria by August 24. Diplomats will meet at the United Nations in New York on Friday to discuss next steps.

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