Syrian Opposition from inside Syria: First-Ever Credible, Scientific Survey

Syrian Opposition

Today the Wall Street Journal published results from the first-ever credible, scientific survey of the Syrian opposition from within Syria undertaken by Pechter Polls.

The survey was conducted by Pechter Polls in November – December 2011 and the results were publically embargoed until today.

The confidential survey of opposition activists living in Syria reveals that Islamists are only a minority among them. Domestic opponents of Assad, the survey indicates, look to Turkey as a model for Syrian governance—and even widely admire the United States.

Pechter Polls, which conducts opinion surveys in tough spots in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, completed the Syria opposition poll in December 2011. Respondents were contacted over a secure Skype connection by someone they could trust—all native Syrians—who asked them to fill out a short questionnaire anonymously in Arabic. Interviewers were selected from different social and political groups to ensure that respondents reflected a rough cross-section of overall opposition attitudes.

To ensure confidentiality, the online survey could be accessed only through a series of proxy servers, bypassing the regime-controlled Internet.

The landmark poll, was conducted via native Syrian interviewers, who contacted respondents over a secure Skype connection and asked them to fill out a short questionnaire anonymously in Arabic.

To read more about the key counter-intuitive findings, please download the highlight slides below and visit the Wall Street Journal website at: (WSJ Article)

Pechter Polls provides opinion and behavioral research in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

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Syrian Opposition