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Among Assad’s opponents, moderation reigns

David Pollock is the Kaufman Senior Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and an adviser to Pechter Polls.

Reporting about violence in the Middle East often focuses on Islamic extremists, and this is increasingly true for much of the coverage of Syria’s uprising. But in the Syrian political opposition, Islamic extremism is truly the exception that proves the rule. The vast majority of Syrian opposition activists, according to a new, systematic survey of more than 1,000 of them, express relatively moderate views about Islamic issues. They also voice support for many key democratic values — and most look to the West and other democracies for inspiration and protection. These findings offer support for the view that mainstream Syrian opposition fighters merit the increased aid that would enable …

Groundbreaking research with Syrian opposition undertaken by Pechter Polls picked up by CNN

The following article was written by Jill Dougherty, foreign correspondent for CNN and based on ground breaking research we undertook at the request of IRI with members of the Syrian opposition.  We thank all those involved in helping us get these insights from Syria (your wouldn’t believe how tough it was to get and how many people helped…), particularly IRI for their commitment to advancing democracy even in the most challenging of places. 

Survey: Syrian Opposition Want ‘no-fly’ Zone

By Jill Dougherty (Link to CNN article)

Members of the Syrian opposition support international armed intervention in their country, including establishing a “no-fly” zone, humanitarian corridors and training Free Syrian Army fighters, but they do not support an international presence on the ground, a survey showed.

The survey of the …


Survey Of Syrian Opposition

Washington, DC – IRI today released a survey of Syrian opposition  (PDF) (Right click and save as to download) and its analysis (PDF) (Right click and save as to download), the second Syria-related survey the Institute has released in the past month  

Fieldwork was conducted from June 1 – July 2, 2012, and was undertaken in cooperation with international survey research firm Pechter Polls of Princeton, NJ. 

Given security considerations, the survey was conducted electronically using a referral, or “snowball” method, rather than through strictly random selection of respondents, as would be done in a public opinion poll.  To achieve broader representation, key individuals (or channels) were used to initiate the referral chain, ultimately reaching a sample of 1,168 opposition members, approximately 315 of whom were …

Syrian Opposition from inside Syria: First-Ever Credible, Scientific Survey

Syrian Opposition

Today the Wall Street Journal published results from the first-ever credible, scientific survey of the Syrian opposition from within Syria undertaken by Pechter Polls.

The survey was conducted by Pechter Polls in November – December 2011 and the results were publically embargoed until today.

The confidential survey of opposition activists living in Syria reveals that Islamists are only a minority among them. Domestic opponents of Assad, the survey indicates, look to Turkey as a model for Syrian governance—and even widely admire the United States.

Pechter Polls, which conducts opinion surveys in tough spots in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, completed the Syria opposition poll in December 2011. Respondents were contacted over a secure Skype connection by someone they could trust—all native Syrians—who asked them to fill out …